IP Blog Post

1.What is a protocol?
guidelines for adding network communications to computers
2.What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?
the number assigned to a certain computer thats connected to the intenet

3.How is it organized hierarchically?

4.How many bits are in an IPv4 address?
32 bits

5.How many IPv4 addresses does that mean there are?  
4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses

6.What is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4.  
IPv6 is larger with 128 bits than IPv4 which has 32.7.Why do we need IPv6?

8.What is an IP packet?
a pack of data that can be sent to other IP's

9.What is the difference between an IP address and an IP Packet?
an IP address is a location while IP packets are data being sent

10.What is the purpose of the Domain Name System (DNS)?
makes it easy to find an IP address, or where you are trying to go.

10-27 Homework

AccuWeather is selling your data you having within the app and selling it to a third party company for profit. The articles goes on to talk about if this is okay to do without the users knowing.  They also talk about the little message that pops up and allows you to get notifications which also do other things like open your app faster. At the end it says that AccuWeather will fix any problems they have and the writer says after that no problems will actually be fixed.

The next article is about ads on your phone and how it can track where your phone is. In the article they talk about the privacy concern that comes with it. The advertiser can track your phone and they use the example that a burglar can see when you are leaving your house everyday to tell them when a good time to rob you is. It can show your commute to work. This is an article trying to let everyone know what can actually happen.

The last article talks about when and when you shouldn't share your location. The examp…

Micro-chipping humans homework

1. Can work for more than one thing you do everyday. Ex: Unlocking Phone
2. You can open your cars, doors in offices for better security.
3. It is the size on a grain of rice.

1. It is very easy to hack an implant
2. If your business changes to using microchips in your body and not everybody is comfortable with putting a chip in your body you may have some problems.
3. You can't turn it off, it is always with you. This could be a problem.

I think that the micro chipping humans needs to be researched and better secured to get rid of bad factors. If you could not hack the implant and it was very secure I would think this would be a great option. I think that once this is better made and has better software then they could use it as a passport in airports and can be used as an ID for buying of age products. I would invest in this product once it is better made.


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